What is a Steak Day on the Hcg Diet?

Dieters who take the HCG for a period of 23 days usually move to the third phase that is referred to as the maintenance phase or period of the diet. The dieters are usually instructed that in three weeks time they are supposed to take their weights every morning so that they can be able to tell whether or not they have gained weight. When checking their weights, the diets have to make sure that they do not exceed more than 2 pounds compared to the last time that they were injected with the HCG injection. Morning is recommended to take weights because during the day the weight registered might not be accurate because of the many fluctuations. Stress, confusions and worries may lead to inaccurate weight results.

In the event a dieter gains more than 2 pounds over his last HCG dose day weight, he should immediately take precautionary procedures to correct the problem. The corrective procedure should be done on the same day so that the dieter loses the 2 pounds. One of the effective techniques that are used to correct overweight is what is referred to as steak day. Steak day corrects the more than 2 pounds gained as a result of the HCG diet phase three. This is one method whereby you do not eat anything till dinner. During dinner, the dieter eats a large steak that is cooked in butter or oil with a raw tomato or apple. During the day, the dieter takes a lot of water. This technique has been found to work perfectly with the dieter being found to lose weight.

According to Dr. ATW Simeons dieters who find out that they have gained more than 2 pounds must on that very same day skik lunch and breakfast. They should however not starve themselves hungry but instead take plenty of water during the day. During supper or dinner, the dieters should take an apple or a raw tomato together with a steak that is cooked in oil or butter. Dr. ATW Simeons highly recommends that a meal be skipped on the very same day when more than 2 pounds are gained. This is because when a meal is skipped on the day that the more than the two pounds were registered this leads to an immediate drop in weight. In most cases the weight drop is usually more than one pound. This is a very important step by dieters on the HCG diet third phase.

In a nut shell dieters and people who are seeking to lose weight should immediately ploy the steak day as soon as they get to know that they have gained more than two pounds. In the event that a dieter misses the steak day on the day that he registered more than 2 pounds weight gain, he should be ready to strictly diet for several days. This is the only way that the dieter will be able to correct the situation. The limit of two pound should always be a reference for dieters, never should it be exceeded in any point in time.

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